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While reading through Ibram Kendi’s How to be an Antiracist, I’m realizing they let anyone write books now. I’m considering writing my own book titled How to be an Anti-Dumb Ass as a response to Kendi’s book. Of course, it will have Red Forman on the cover.

Opening paragraph:

“If you find yourself looking at the color of your skin and start of thinking about ways that color makes you special or privileged, stop, you’re being a dumb ass. If you find yourself pulling down a statue because it may not hurt your fee-fees, but might hurt someone else’s fee-fees, stop, you’re being a dumb ass. If you find yourself signing up for a Woman’s Studies course in college to get easy credits or talk to girls, stop, you’re being a dumb ass. If you find yourself kneeling during any event that doesn’t conclude with “Amen” or result in one or more of your shoes being tied, stop, you’re being a dumb ass. If you find yourself putting on all black, a mask, a helmet, ...

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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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January 21, 2021
Chapter 2: The Lockdown (Part 3)

This final part of the Chapter 2 review will only cover the last few pages. I will only cite two quotes from the book, but this is mostly to give my feedback on what I believe justice means and where Alexander and I differ on the topic. Now mind you, I am no legal scholar, lawyer, or authority on the law in any professional sense. I am just a guy who can read at – at least – a fifth grade level (do not be intimidated) and has a basic understanding on human nature. I cannot answer all the hard questions like, “what is love?” or, “when the school bus driver gets off the bus, who closes the door?” But I think I can answer, “what is justice?”

Justice is a principle in which people receive what they deserve. There are many different modes or types of justice, social justice not among the ones taken seriously until recently. To me, there are three main types of justice inherent and important to the American criminal justice system: (1) Deterrent, (2) Restorative, and...

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January 20, 2021
Welcome To 2021
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I figure you guys would also care about the 1776 Report that Trump's White House put out right before he had to leave office. I backed it up locally and online to share

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